Digital Diversity by Holger Angenent

Digital Diversity
Author: Holger Angenent
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3658267534
Size: 74.56 MB
Page: 336
Release: 2019-05-29

Book Description
Vor dem Hintergrund kultureller Diversität und dem medialen Wandel ergibt sich die Herausforderung, die Begriffe Bildung und Lernen theoretisch zu diskutieren und deren Anforderungsprofile im Kontext pädagogischer Praxis neu auszuloten. Der Sammelband thematisiert feldübergreifend in den Bereichen Erwachsenenbildung, Soziale Arbeit, Medienpädagogik und Hochschulbildung die Effekte der Digitalisierung und zeigt auf, wie ein diversitätssensibler Umgang mit Bildung und Lernen im Kontext gesellschaftlicher Transformationen gelingen kann.

Digital Diversity by E. Dianne Looker

Digital Diversity
Author: E. Dianne Looker
Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press
ISBN: 1554582865
Size: 19.41 MB
Page: 204
Release: 2010-08-04

Book Description
Digital Diversity: Youth, Equity, and Information Technology is about youth, schools, and the use of technology. Youth are instrumental in finding novel ways to access and use technology. They are directly affected by changes such as the proliferation of computers in schools and elsewhere, and the increasingly heavy use of the Internet for both information sharing and for communication. The contributors to this volume investigate how the resources provided by information and communication technology (ICT) are made available to different groups of young people (as defined by gender, race, rural location, Aboriginal status, street youth status) and how they do (or do not) develop facility and competence with this technology. How does access vary for these different groups of youth? Which young people develop facility with ICT? What impact has this technology had on their learning and their lives? These are among the issues examined. Youth from a wide variety of settings are included in the study, including Inuit youth in the high arctic. Rather than mandate how youth should/could better use technology (as much of the existing literature does) the contributors focus on how youth and educators are actually using technology. By paying attention to the routine use and understandings of ICTs by youth and those teaching youth, the book highlights the current gaps in policy and practice. It challenges assumptions around the often taken-for-granted links between technology, pedagogy, and educational outcomes for youth in order to highlight a range of important equity issues.

Equity Equality And Diversity In The Nordic Model Of Education by Tove Stjern Frønes

Digital Diversity
Author: Tove Stjern Frønes
Publisher: Springer Nature
ISBN: 3030616487
Size: 77.23 MB
Page: 412
Release: 2021-01-21

Book Description
Does the Nordic model of education still stand by its original principles and safeguard education for all? This Open Access volume is a carefully crafted collection of chapters that investigate the different aspects of equity, equality and diversity across the education systems in the Nordic countries. Based on data from various national and international large-scale assessments, the volume provides a better understanding of both the functions and foundations of the Nordic model, along with how the concepts mentioned above are enacted in practice. Across the chapters, data from different national and international large-scale assessment studies are used for cross- and single-country analyses on a variety of issues related to equity, equality and inequality in diverse educational settings. The investigations address different subject domains (i.e., mathematics, science, reading), age and grade groups, but also issues related to teachers and the schools themselves. In addition to these empirical chapters, the book addresses the theoretical and methodological underpinnings of the ideas and tools embedded in the phenomena of equity and equality and how they have met in the Nordic model of education.

Digital Diversity by Niki Simpson

Digital Diversity
Author: Niki Simpson
ISBN: 9780955491702
Size: 33.87 MB
Page: 12
Release: 2007

Book Description
Digital botanical illustration allows a fascinating close-up view of the plant world and, while scientifically based, it is also full of beauty for all to enjoy. Developed from the long tradition of botanical art, from the early herbals, through lithographs and engravings, to the meticulously hand-painted watercolours of today, this new digital work aims to combine the best of the old with the demands and technologies of the new. Catalogue to accompany the exhibition."

The Iboc Handbook by David P. Maxson

Digital Diversity
Author: David P. Maxson
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1136033785
Size: 30.47 MB
Page: 512
Release: 2007-06-20

Book Description
Radio broadcast engineers seeking to design and operate HD Radio(TM) transmission systems will benefit from the detailed exposition of the technology. The book lays out the entire structure of this digital transmission system. System equations are presented in a manner that is useful to those interested in them, while retaining a clear narrative for those who seek a general understanding of how the technology works. The book also presents a summary of the history of the technology and the NRSC-5 standard, as well as forward-looking information on emerging technologies and applications.

Communication And Learning In An Age Of Digital Transformation by David Kergel

Digital Diversity
Author: David Kergel
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0429771991
Size: 60.53 MB
Page: 248
Release: 2020-04-16

Book Description
Communication and Learning in an Age of Digital Transformation provides cross-disciplinary perspectives on digitization as social transformation and its impact on communication and learning. This work presents openness within its interpretation of the digital and its impact on learning and communication, acknowledging historical contexts and contemporary implications emerging from discourse on digitization. The book presents a triangulation of different research perspectives. These perspectives, which range from digital resistance parks and cyber-religious questions to cultural-scientific media-theoretical reflections, point to the performative openness of the analysis. The book represents an interdisciplinary approach and opens a space for understanding the social complexity of digital transformations in teaching and learning. This book will be of great interest to academics, post graduate students and researchers in the field of digital learning, communication and education research.

Digital First by Kewyn Walter George, A M S Pandian, Dr. Aditi Mukhopadhyay

Digital Diversity
Author: Kewyn Walter George, A M S Pandian, Dr. Aditi Mukhopadhyay
Publisher: Notion Press
ISBN: 1946714925
Size: 44.84 MB
Page: 156
Release: 2017-03-14

Book Description
The book is a guide to Digitalization for novices and pros alike. When everything you know is digital, what is this hue and cry about going digital? Let us give you a heads up, the prelude does not even come close to what is yet to come. While we take you by your hand through this journey of the digitalworld, we will introduce you to the perpetual evolution of it. In the world that is embracing digitalization, it will no longer suffice to stick to the old ways. While striking a balance is essential, imbibing the culture of digitalization will be essential. Let us outline to you the digital frameworks you could adopt to stay as well move ahead in the competition. Enjoy the ride.

Handbook Of Writing Literacies And Education In Digital Cultures by Kathy A. Mills

Digital Diversity
Author: Kathy A. Mills
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131546523X
Size: 36.77 MB
Page: 314
Release: 2017-08-15

Book Description
At the forefront of current digital literacy studies in education, this handbook uniquely systematizes emerging interdisciplinary themes, new knowledge, and insightful theoretical contributions to the field. Written by well-known scholars from around the world, it closely attends to the digitalization of writing and literacies that is transforming daily life and education. The chapter topics—identified through academic conference networks, rigorous analysis, and database searches of trending themes—are organized thematically in five sections: Digital Futures Digital Diversity Digital Lives Digital Spaces Digital Ethics This is an essential guide to digital writing and literacies research, with transformational ideas for educational and professional practice. It will enable new and established researchers to position their studies within highly relevant directions in the field and to generate new themes of inquiry.

Digital Anthropology by Haidy Geismar

Digital Diversity
Author: Haidy Geismar
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 100018224X
Size: 24.64 MB
Page: 348
Release: 2021-05-27

Book Description
Digital Anthropology, 2nd Edition explores how human and digital can be explored in relation to one another within issues as diverse as social media use, virtual worlds, hacking, quantified self, blockchain, digital environmentalism and digital representation. The book challenges the prevailing moral universal of “the digital age” by exploring emergent anxieties about the global spread of new technological forms, the cultural qualities of digital experience, critically examining the intersection of the digital to new concepts and practices across a wide range of fields from design to politics. In this fully revised edition, Digital Anthropology reveals how the intense scrutiny of ethnography can overturn assumptions about the impact of digital culture and reveal its profound consequences for everyday life around the world. Combining case studies with theoretical discussion in an engaging style that conveys a passion for new frontiers of enquiry within anthropological study, this will be essential reading for students and scholars interested in theory of anthropology, media and information studies, communication studies and sociology. With a brand-new Introduction from editors Haidy Geismar and Hannah Knox, as well as an abridged version of the original Introduction by Heather Horst and Daniel Miller, in conjunction with new chapters on hacking and digitizing environments, amongst others, and fully revised chapters throughout, this will bring the field-defining overview of digital anthropology fully up to date.

Kraftfahrtechnisches Taschenbuch by Konrad Reif

Digital Diversity
Author: Konrad Reif
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 9783834814401
Size: 46.87 MB
Page: 1267
Release: 2010-12-09

Book Description
Dieses Buch ist aus der Welt des Automobils nicht wegzudenken. Seit nunmehr 75 Jahren hat es seinen festen Platz in den Werkstätten und auf den Schreibtischen. Als handliches Nachschlagewerk mit kompakten Beiträgen bietet es einen zuverlässigen Einblick in den aktuellen Stand der Kfz-Technik. Der Schwerpunkt ist die Personen- und Nutzkraftfahrzeugtechnik sowie Abschnitte über Schadstoffminderung beim Dieselmotor, Hybridantrieb, Aktivlenkung und Vernetzung im Kfz.

Healthcare Disrupted by Jeff Elton

Digital Diversity
Author: Jeff Elton
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119171903
Size: 78.73 MB
Page: 288
Release: 2016-02-11

Book Description
“During a time of tremendous change and uncertainty, Healthcare Disrupted gives executives a framework and language to determine how they will evolve their products, services, and strategies to flourish in a increasingly value-based healthcare system. Using a powerful mix of real world examples and unanswered questions, Elton and O’Riordan lead you to see that ‘no action’ is not an option—and push you to answer the most important question: ‘What is your role in this digitally driven change and how can your firm can gain competitive advantage and lead?’”—David Epstein, Division Head, Novartis Pharmaceuticals “Healthcare Disrupted is an inspirational call-to-action for everyone associated with healthcare, especially the innovators who will develop the next generation of therapeutics, diagnostics, and devices.”—Bob Horvitz, Ph.D., David H. Koch Professor of Biology, MIT; Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine “In a time of dizzying change across all fronts: from biology, to delivery, to the use of big data, Health Disrupted captures the impact of these forces and thoughtfully develops new approaches to value creation in the healthcare industry. A must-read for those who strive to capitalize on change and reinvent the industry.”—Deborah Dunsire, M.D., president and CEO, FORUM Pharmaceuticals Healthcare at a Crossroad: Seismic Shifts, New Business Models for Success Healthcare Disrupted is an in-depth look at the disruptive forces driving change in the the healthcare industry and provides guide for defining new operating and business models in response to these profound changes. Based on original research conducted by Accenture and years of experience working with the most successful companies in the industry, healthcare experts Jeff Elton and Anne O’Riordan provide an informed, insightful view of the state of the industry, what's to come, and new emerging business models for life sciences companies play a different role from the past in to driving superior outcomes for patients and playing a bigger role in creating greater value for healthcare overall. Their book explains how critical global healthcare trends are challenging legacy strategies and business models, and examines why historical leaders in the industy must evolve, to stay relevant and compete with new entrants. Healthcare Disrupted captures this pivotal point in time to give executives and senior managers across pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medical device, medical diagnostics, digital technology, and health services companies an opportunity to step back and consider the changing landscape. This book gives companies options for how to adapt and stay relevant and outlines four new business models that can drive sustainable growth and performance. It demonstrates how real-world data (from Electronic Medical Records, health wearables, Internet of Things, digital media, social media, and other sources) is combining with scalable technologies and advanced analytics to fundamentally change how and where healthcare is delivered, bridging to the health of populations, and broadening the resposibility for both. It reveals how this shift in healthcare delivery will significantly improve patient outcomes and the value health systems realize.