Dog Breeds Of The World by Mike J. R. Stockman

Dog Breeds Of The World
Author: Mike J. R. Stockman
ISBN: 9780754800217
Size: 56.62 MB
Page: 168
Release: 2000-01

Book Description
Offers information on history, health, temperament, feeding, and grooming, including a photograph of each breed helpful for identification.

Atlas Of Dog Breeds Of The World by Bonnie Wilcox

Dog Breeds Of The World
Author: Bonnie Wilcox
Publisher: Tfh Publications Incorporated
ISBN: 9780793812844
Size: 32.61 MB
Page: 912
Release: 1995

Book Description
This atlas has proven to be the most sought-after book on the dog; unrivaled, the Atlas is the definitive authority on purebred dogs available to day. Now in its fifth edition, this is a most colorful opus on dogs, a riotous celebration of all dogs, familiar and obscure, from every country in the world.

Dog Breeds Of The World by Mike J. R. Stockman

Dog Breeds Of The World
Author: Mike J. R. Stockman
ISBN: 9781840388718
Size: 18.55 MB
Page: 160
Release: 1997

Book Description
This is a comprehensive visual guide to more than 180 breeds from all over the world. There is a description of each breed, with information on grooming, feeding, exercise needs, as well as insights into each dog''s typical character and temperament.'

Every Dog by Nancy Hajeski

Dog Breeds Of The World
Author: Nancy Hajeski
Publisher: Firefly Books
ISBN: 9781770858251
Size: 56.75 MB
Page: 536
Release: 2016-10-01

Book Description
Every Dog: A Book of Over 450 Breeds packs in a lot of information. Illustrations, text, charts, tables and icons make it an ideal reference for all dog lovers, who will enjoy flipping through the pages. The over 450 breeds are thoroughly researched and represent canines from around the world. They range from rare breeds for the dog lover that wants something different, to the favorite breeds that make for a reliable choice. There are ancient breeds and modern breeds, including the "designer dogs" that have become so popular in recent years. The over 450 breeds are organized into various categories, such as type (which share loosely common ancestry and traits), purpose, and more. For example, Spitz-Type Dogs typically have thick and dense fur, pointed ears and muzzles, and puffy tails that curl up and over their rears. They descend from ancient breeds that came from Arctic regions. Spitz dogs include the Akita, Canaan, American Eskimo, and the Pomeranian. Each breed is described on one page and includes these details: English and any alternative names, place of origin and year of first known introduction Icons and keys indicating all available coat colors; exercise requirements; graph indicating average weight, height and life expectancies At a Glance chart rating Intelligence; Ease of training; Affection; Playfulness; Good guard dogs; Good with children; Good with other dogs; and Grooming required. Descriptive text and a brief history of the breed Two color photographs, one adult and one puppy. Every Dog: A Book of Over 450 Breeds is a fabulous reference. In addition to the hundreds of breeds of all type, origin and purpose, the book includes the many designer breeds developed over the last couple of decades, making it undoubtedly the most up to date and detailed breed book currently available.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Dog Breeds by Joan Palmer

Dog Breeds Of The World
Author: Joan Palmer
Publisher: Wellfleet Press
ISBN: 9780785800309
Size: 37.16 MB
Page: 256
Release: 2011-01-08

Book Description
Lavishly illustrated, the 256 page directory of breeds is presented by group in the order: non-sporting, working, herding, gundogs, hounds, terriers and toy. The background to each breed is detailed - its origins, development, characteristics and, where applicable, mode of working. Breed standards are given as well as care boxes for at a glance tips for looking after each breed. Also featured are some 79 rare breeds, ranging from the ancient Hellenic Hound to the highly specialized Lundehund, or Norwegian Puffin Dog. An introductory sections covers the history of dogs, ranging back over the millennia to the wild dogs which first warmed themselves at the fires of early humans. There follow sections on the anatomy, physiology, and psychology of the dog, and specialist terminology is illustrated with examples taken from the breeds featured in the Encyclopedia. Photographs, maps, and drawings show how particular conformations and characteristics have evolved into groupings which are recognized today.

My Boxer Dog by Wild Pages Press

Dog Breeds Of The World
Author: Wild Pages Press
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781546340027
Size: 28.69 MB
Page: 150
Release: 2017-04-24

Book Description
Notebook with 150 Lined Pages. Perfect for recording all your important information. Wild Pages Press are publishers of unique journals and notebooks, stylish and compact, so it can be carried with you everyday.

The Complete Dog Breed Book by DK

Dog Breeds Of The World
Author: DK
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd
ISBN: 1409378837
Size: 48.17 MB
Page: 352
Release: 2012-03-01

Book Description
Choose the top dog for your family From spaniels to sheepdogs, The Complete Dog Breed Guide will help you choose the perfect companion for your family. Fully illustrated and featuring over 400 of the world's best-loved breeds, this is the only breed guide you'll ever need. Q&A selector charts help you choose the right dog for your lifestyle plus expert guidance on caring for your dog, understanding its behaviour and training tips ensure that he'll soon becomes everyone's best friend. The Complete Dog Breed Guide is a one-stop manual to helping you become the owner of a happy, healthy, well-behaved dog.