Internet Of Things A To Z by Qusay F. Hassan

Internet Of Things A To Z
Author: Qusay F. Hassan
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119456746
Size: 46.77 MB
Page: 704
Release: 2018-06-13

Book Description
A comprehensive overview of the Internet of Things’ core concepts, technologies, and applications Internet of Things A to Z offers a holistic approach to the Internet of Things (IoT) model. The Internet of Things refers to uniquely identifiable objects and their virtual representations in an Internet-like structure. Recently, there has been a rapid growth in research on IoT communications and networks, that confirms the scalability and broad reach of the core concepts. With contributions from a panel of international experts, the text offers insight into the ideas, technologies, and applications of this subject. The authors discuss recent developments in the field and the most current and emerging trends in IoT. In addition, the text is filled with examples of innovative applications and real-world case studies. Internet of Things A to Z fills the need for an up-to-date volume on the topic. This important book: Covers in great detail the core concepts, enabling technologies, and implications of the Internet of Things Addresses the business, social, and legal aspects of the Internet of Things Explores the critical topic of security and privacy challenges for both individuals and organizations Includes a discussion of advanced topics such as the need for standards and interoperability Contains contributions from an international group of experts in academia, industry, and research Written for ICT researchers, industry professionals, and lifetime IT learners as well as academics and students, Internet of Things A to Z provides a much-needed and comprehensive resource to this burgeoning field.

The Internet Of Things by Ricardo Armentano

Internet Of Things A To Z
Author: Ricardo Armentano
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1351652095
Size: 75.33 MB
Page: 472
Release: 2017-10-16

Book Description
This book provides a dual perspective on the Internet of Things and ubiquitous computing, along with their applications in healthcare and smart cities. It also covers other interdisciplinary aspects of the Internet of Things like big data, embedded Systems and wireless Sensor Networks. Detailed coverage of the underlying architecture, framework, and state-of the art methodologies form the core of the book.

Internet Of Things by Jeeva Jose

Internet Of Things A To Z
Author: Jeeva Jose
ISBN: 938617359X
Size: 22.83 MB
Page: 368

Book Description
Internet of Things (IoT) is a network comprising of machines, vehicles, home appliances, computers, micro controllers, sensors and actuators supported by application software and protocols. The study of IoT is the detailed understanding of these components. As per the estimates, by 2020 the connected things in IoT network will outnumber human beings in earth. Practical applications of IoT Technology is in every area like agriculture, construction management, health care, energy, transportation, education etc. The opportunity in business and job for IoT is increasing day by day.

Artificial Intelligence To Solve Pervasive Internet Of Things Issues by Gurjit Kaur

Internet Of Things A To Z
Author: Gurjit Kaur
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 012819698X
Size: 40.29 MB
Page: 428
Release: 2020-11-18

Book Description
Artificial Intelligence to Solve Pervasive Internet of Things Issues discusses standards and technologies and wide-ranging technology areas and their applications and challenges, including discussions on architectures, frameworks, applications, best practices, methods and techniques required for integrating AI to resolve IoT issues. Chapters also provide step-by-step measures, practices and solutions to tackle vital decision-making and practical issues affecting IoT technology, including autonomous devices and computerized systems. Such issues range from adopting, mitigating, maintaining, modernizing and protecting AI and IoT infrastructure components such as scalability, sustainability, latency, system decentralization and maintainability. The book enables readers to explore, discover and implement new solutions for integrating AI to solve IoT issues. Resolving these issues will help readers address many real-world applications in areas such as scientific research, healthcare, defense, aeronautics, engineering, social media, and many others. Discusses intelligent techniques for the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Internet of Things Prepared for researchers and specialists who are interested in the use and integration of IoT and Artificial Intelligence technologies

Internet Of Things From Hype To Reality by Ammar Rayes

Internet Of Things A To Z
Author: Ammar Rayes
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319448609
Size: 38.74 MB
Page: 328
Release: 2016-10-22

Book Description
This book comprehensively describes an end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) architecture that is comprised of devices, network, compute, storage, platform, applications along with management and security components. It is organized into five main parts, comprising of a total of 11 chapters. Part I presents a generic IoT reference model to establish a common vocabulary for IoT solutions. This includes a detailed description of the Internet protocol layers and the Things (sensors and actuators) as well as the key business drivers to realize the IoT vision. Part II focuses on the IoT requirements that impact networking protocols and provides a layer-by-layer walkthrough of the protocol stack with emphasis on industry progress and key gaps. Part III introduces the concept of Fog computing and describes the drivers for the technology, its constituent elements, and how it relates and differs from Cloud computing. Part IV discusses the IoT services platform, the cornerstone of the solution followed by the Security functions and requirements. Finally, Part V provides a treatment of the topic of connected ecosystems in IoT along with practical applications. It then surveys the latest IoT standards and discusses the pivotal role of open source in IoT. “Faculty will find well-crafted questions and answers at the end of each chapter, suitable for review and in classroom discussion topics. In addition, the material in the book can be used by engineers and technical leaders looking to gain a deep technical understanding of IoT, as well as by managers and business leaders looking to gain a competitive edge and understand innovation opportunities for the future.” Dr. Jim Spohrer, IBM “This text provides a very compelling study of the IoT space and achieves a very good balance between engineering/technology focus and business context. As such, it is highly-recommended for anyone interested in this rapidly-expanding field and will have broad appeal to a wide cross-section of readers, i.e., including engineering professionals, business analysts, university students, and professors.” Professor Nasir Ghani, University of South Florida

Towards The Internet Of Things by Mohammad Ali Jabraeil Jamali

Internet Of Things A To Z
Author: Mohammad Ali Jabraeil Jamali
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3030184684
Size: 54.84 MB
Page: 134
Release: 2019-07-25

Book Description
This book presents a comprehensive framework for IoT, including its architectures, security, privacy, network communications, and protocols. The book starts by providing an overview of the aforementioned research topics, future directions and open challenges that face the IoT development. The authors then discuss the main architectures in the field, which include Three- and Five-Layer Architectures, Cloud and Fog Based Architectures, a Social IoT Application Architecture. In the security chapter, the authors outline threats and attacks, privacy preservation, trust and authentication, IoT data security, and social awareness. The final chapter presents case studies including smart home, wearables, connected cars, industrial Internet, smart cities, IoT in agriculture, smart retail, energy engagement, IoT in healthcare, and IoT in poultry and farming. Discusses ongoing research into the connection of the physical and virtual worlds; Includes the architecture, security, privacy, communications, and protocols of IoT; Presents a variety of case studies in IoT including wearables, smart cities, and energy management.

Toward Social Internet Of Things Siot Enabling Technologies Architectures And Applications by Aboul Ella Hassanien

Internet Of Things A To Z
Author: Aboul Ella Hassanien
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3030245136
Size: 25.45 MB
Page: 334
Release: 2019-07-23

Book Description
This unique book discusses a selection of highly relevant topics in the Social Internet of Things (SIoT), including blockchain, fog computing and data fusion. It also presents numerous SIoT-related applications in fields such as agriculture, health care, education and security, allowing researchers and industry practitioners to gain a better understanding of the Social Internet of Things

Resource Management For On Demand Mission Critical Internet Of Things Applications by Junaid Farooq

Internet Of Things A To Z
Author: Junaid Farooq
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119716098
Size: 45.11 MB
Page: 224
Release: 2021-10-05

Book Description
RESOURCE MANAGEMENT FOR ON-DEMAND MISSION-CRITICAL INTERNET OF THINGS APPLICATIONS Discover an insightful and up-to-date treatment of resource management in Internet of Things technology In Resource Management for On-Demand Mission-Critical Internet of Things ­Applications, an expert team of engineers delivers an insightful analytical perspective on modeling and decision support for mission-critical Internet of Things applications. The authors dissect the complex IoT ecosystem and provide a cross-layer perspective on the design and operation of IoT, especially in the context of smart and connected communities. The book offers an economic perspective on resource management in IoT systems with a particular emphasis on three main areas: spectrum management via reservation, allocation of cloud/fog resources to IoT applications, and resource provisioning to smart city service requests. It leverages theories from dynamic mechanism design, optimal control theory, and spatial point processes, providing an overview of integrated decision-making frameworks. Finally, the authors discuss future directions and relevant problems on the economics of resource management from new perspectives, like security and resilience. Readers will also enjoy the inclusion of: A thorough introduction and overview of IoT applications in smart cities, mission critical IoT services and requirements, and key metrics and research challenges A comprehensive exploration of the allocation of spectrum resources to mission critical IoT applications, including the massive surge of IoT and spectrum scarcity problem Practical discussions of the provisioning of cloud/fog computing resources to IoT applications, including allocation policy In-depth examinations of resource provisioning to spatio-temporal service requests in smart cities Perfect for engineers working on Internet of Things and cyber-physical systems, Resource Management for On-Demand Mission-Critical Internet of Things Applications is also an indispensable reference for graduate students, researchers, and professors with an interest in IoT resource management.

Internet Of Things For Architects by Perry Lea

Internet Of Things A To Z
Author: Perry Lea
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1788475747
Size: 34.94 MB
Page: 524
Release: 2018-01-22

Book Description
Learn to design, implement and secure your IoT infrastructure Key Features Build a complete IoT system that is the best fit for your organization Learn about different concepts, technologies, and tradeoffs in the IoT architectural stack Understand the theory, concepts, and implementation of each element that comprises IoT design—from sensors to the cloud Implement best practices to ensure the reliability, scalability, robust communication systems, security, and data analysis in your IoT infrastructure Book Description The Internet of Things (IoT) is the fastest growing technology market. Industries are embracing IoT technologies to improve operational expenses, product life, and people's well-being. An architectural guide is necessary if you want to traverse the spectrum of technologies needed to build a successful IoT system, whether that's a single device or millions of devices. This book encompasses the entire spectrum of IoT solutions, from sensors to the cloud. We start by examining modern sensor systems and focus on their power and functionality. After that, we dive deep into communication theory, paying close attention to near-range PAN, including the new Bluetooth® 5.0 specification and mesh networks. Then, we explore IP-based communication in LAN and WAN, including 802.11ah, 5G LTE cellular, SigFox, and LoRaWAN. Next, we cover edge routing and gateways and their role in fog computing, as well as the messaging protocols of MQTT and CoAP. With the data now in internet form, you'll get an understanding of cloud and fog architectures, including the OpenFog standards. We wrap up the analytics portion of the book with the application of statistical analysis, complex event processing, and deep learning models. Finally, we conclude by providing a holistic view of the IoT security stack and the anatomical details of IoT exploits while countering them with software defined perimeters and blockchains. What you will learn Understand the role and scope of architecting a successful IoT deployment, from sensors to the cloud Scan the landscape of IoT technologies that span everything from sensors to the cloud and everything in between See the trade-offs in choices of protocols and communications in IoT deployments Build a repertoire of skills and the vernacular necessary to work in the IoT space Broaden your skills in multiple engineering domains necessary for the IoT architect Who this book is for This book is for architects, system designers, technologists, and technology managers who want to understand the IoT ecosphere, various technologies, and tradeoffs and develop a 50,000-foot view of IoT architecture.

Integration And Implementation Of The Internet Of Things Through Cloud Computing by Tomar, Pradeep

Internet Of Things A To Z
Author: Tomar, Pradeep
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 1799869830
Size: 25.30 MB
Page: 357
Release: 2021-06-18

Book Description
The internet of things (IoT) has drawn great attention from both academia and industry, since it offers a challenging notion of creating a world where all things around us are connected to the internet and communicate with each other with minimal human intervention. Another component for helping IoT to succeed is cloud computing. The combination of cloud computing and IoT will enable new monitoring services and powerful processing of sensory data streams. These applications, alongside implementation details and challenges, should also be explored for successful mainstream adoption. IoT is also fueled by the advancement of digital technologies, and the next generation era will be cloud-based IoT systems. Integration and Implementation of the Internet of Things Through Cloud Computing studies, analyzes, and presents cloud-based IoT-related technologies, protocols, and standards along with recent research and development in cloud-based IoT. It also presents recent emerging trends and technological advances of cloud-based IoT, innovative applications, and the challenges and implications for society. The chapters included take a strong look at the societal and social aspects of this technology along with its implementations and technological analyses. This book is intended for IT specialists, technologists, practitioners, researchers, academicians, and students who are interested in the next era of IoT through cloud computing.

Principles And Applications Of Narrowband Internet Of Things Nbiot by Routray, Sudhir K.

Internet Of Things A To Z
Author: Routray, Sudhir K.
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 1799847764
Size: 11.70 MB
Page: 436
Release: 2021-01-08

Book Description
The internet of things (IoT) has emerged as a trending technology that is continually being implemented into various practices within the field of engineering and science due to its versatility and various benefits. Despite the levels of innovation that IoT provides, researchers continue to search for networks that maintain levels of sustainability and require fewer resources. A network that measures up to these expectations is Narrowband IoT (NBIoT), which is a low power wide area version of IoT networks and is suitable for larger projects. Engineers and other industry professionals are in need of in-depth knowledge on this growing technology and its various applications. Principles and Applications of Narrowband Internet of Things (NBIoT) is an essential reference source that provides an in-depth understanding on the recent advancements of NBIoT as well as the crucial roles of emerging low power IoT networks in various regions of the world. Featuring research on topics such as security monitoring, sustainability, and cloud infrastructure, this book is ideally designed for developers, engineers, practitioners, researchers, students, managers, and policymakers seeking coverage on the large-scale deployment and modern applications of NBIoT.

Security And Trust Issues In Internet Of Things by Sudhir Kumar Sharma

Internet Of Things A To Z
Author: Sudhir Kumar Sharma
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1000288323
Size: 65.84 MB
Page: 330
Release: 2020-12-02

Book Description
The purpose of this edited book is to present and showcase the basic fundamentals, applications, and integration of both IoT and Blockchain. The trend of applying Blockchain to IoT is rapidly growing because it helps to overcome various challenges faced by IoT, from smart manufacturing to unmanned aerial vehicles. Thise book aims to showcase the basics of both IoT and Blockchain as well as the integration and challenges for existing practitioners. Thise book initiates conversations among technologists, engineers, scientists, and clinicians to synergize their efforts in producing low-cost, high-performance, highly efficient, deployable IoT systems. Thise book is theory-based and is useful for engineers from various disciplines, including industrial engineering, computer science, electronics, telecommunications, electrical, agricultural, and cybersecurity, along with researchers, professionals, and students.