Rediscovering The Kingdom by Myles Munroe

The Kingdom Of This World
Author: Myles Munroe
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers
ISBN: 0768422574
Size: 46.19 MB
Page: 227
Release: 2004

Book Description
Deals with the power of the kingdom of God. It touches on issues like keys that make the Kingdom function, The present and future reality of the Kingdom and the original message and purpose of Jesus.

The Kingdom Of God by Austin R. Dayal

The Kingdom Of This World
Author: Austin R. Dayal
Publisher: Elm Hill
ISBN: 1595558624
Size: 61.21 MB
Page: 192
Release: 2018-11-20

Book Description
After proclaiming that God's Kingdom had come near, Jesus died on the cross. This is hard to reconcile with what Jesus announced at the start of his ministry. It can only be understood when we realize the relationship between the Kingdom of God and his death. Jesus said flesh and blood can't inherit the Kingdom of God, but only those who are born of the Sprit, and for this reason Jesus had to die on the cross. Jesus explained this to Nicodemus that only those who are born of the Holy Spirit can enter into the Kingdom of God. He came into the world to make it happen, because without the cross of Jesus there is no fulfillment of the Kingdom. The proclamation of Jesus, his works and his life have strong bearing on his mission. Jesus proclaimed that the Kingdom of God had come near. He healed the sick, fed the hungry and gave hope to the poor. He lived a very basic life with his disciples and had no earthly possessions. This was the Kingdom that Jesus proclaimed. It gave the power back to the people, it gave them dignity and a life of joy and contentment. It was about the wellbeing of the whole community and where the leaders served others. Jesus explained the mysteries of his Kingdom through many parables, which turned the whole concept of the kingdom on its head and only a few were able to understand it then, as it is now. It was a new and unique concept for the disciples to grasp, but after his resurrection when he was with them for forty days, Jesus explained everything to them as recorded in the book of Acts. He instructed them to remain in Jerusalem till they were baptized by the Holy Spirit. Their empowerment which is usually understood in terms of Peter's bold preaching of the gospel was in fact more than that. It was to give them the courage to leave their earthly possessions and relationships and accept the other believers as their new family, where God lived with them and looked after their daily needs, spiritual as well as material. This was a very bold step for them to take. It was more daring than standing up to preach before a large crowd on the day of the Pentecost. The first church in Jerusalem became a place where God's Kingdom had come. They rejoiced together as they shared everything and God did mighty works among them. This would not have been possible, if they hadn’t left their own families and possession to join the new community of God’s people. The church lost the initial impetus that the early Christians had, in the way they lived and preached the good news of the Kingdom, especially during the post-Constantine period when the church leaders were seduced by the wealth that came from the state treasury. The way Jesus, the apostles and the early Christians had lived was completely forgotten or overlooked. The sixteenth century reformation tried to recover some of the important aspect the Christianity but it did not go far enough. At present the church has become its own worst enemy. Some churches are trying to destroy the very foundation of our salvation by denying the existence of historical Jesus. In others the faith in Jesus has failed to translate into a living reality. It judges the world harshly and does not reflect the values of God's Kingdom in its daily life. We need to reaffirm the apostolic faith and the community life of the early church. And become a community of God’s redeemed people who follow the principles of his Kingdom. This is the true life and witness of the church.

Understanding The New Testament And The End Times Second Edition by Rob Dalrymple

The Kingdom Of This World
Author: Rob Dalrymple
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1532649495
Size: 41.73 MB
Page: 198
Release: 2018-04-16

Book Description
Many evangelicals have come to embrace a populist eschatology that has neither the support of the historical church, nor of the scholarly world today. For some, this has led to a disillusionment with eschatological speculations. For others, the results are apathy and a failure to understand the mission of God's people. This is tragic! For when the entirety of the New Testament is read and understood from an eschatological perspective, the grand narrative of Scripture and its fulfillment in Jesus comes clearly into focus. A proper framework for understanding eschatology directly correlates to a proper understanding of the mission of God's people, who are themselves carrying forth the biblical story as we approach the New Jerusalem. To fail to comprehend eschatology is to fail to comprehend our mission. This book has two objectives: First, to provide a proper hermeneutical framework from which we may discern a biblical eschatological worldview. Second, to demonstrate that a proper eschatological framework relates to the mission of God's people and the demand for holiness. Thus, eschatology matters!

Kingdoms In Conflict by David Pawson

The Kingdom Of This World
Author: David Pawson
Publisher: Anchor Recordings Ltd.
Size: 33.39 MB
Page: 106
Release: 2015-05-09

Book Description
A 'kingdom' is a group of people ruled by one person, the 'king', who makes all the laws himself without their votes or approval. The concept is anathema to contemporary democracy and its confidence in government by the people, the naive assumption that majorities will always get it right. History does not encourage optimism. There have been more bad kings than good, even in God's chosen people Israel. Behind our world's problems, which baffle our finest politicians and philosophers, lies a fundamental, racial and fatal error of having chosen the wrong king. Born into his kingdom, he has deceived us into thinking we can each of us be our own kingdom, inevitably clashing with each other, as individuals or nations. The only solution is to find the right king and become his loyal citizens. One day all other kingdoms will be shaken to pieces but this will remain, for ever. Only then will the conflict, in which every one of us is involved, be resolved.

The Mustard Seed by Osho

The Kingdom Of This World
Author: Osho
Publisher: Osho Media International
ISBN: 0880507713
Size: 67.52 MB
Page: 432
Release: 2010-02-01

Book Description
This timely book explores the wisdom of the Gnostic Jesus, who challenges our preconceptions about the world and ourselves. Based on the Gospel of Thomas, the book recounts the missing years in Jesus’ life and his time in Egypt and India, learning from Egyptian secret societies, then Buddhist schools, then Hindu Vedanta. Each of Jesus' original sayings is the "seed" for a chapter of the book; each examines one aspect of life — birth, death, love, fear, anger, and more — counterpointed by Osho’s penetrating comments and responses to questions from his audience.

Revelation Thntc by John Christopher Thomas

The Kingdom Of This World
Author: John Christopher Thomas
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
ISBN: 0802825540
Size: 70.63 MB
Page: 648
Release: 2016-03-18

Book Description
A clear exegetical and theological reading of Revelation The book of Revelation is perhaps the most theologically complex and literarily sophisticated text in the New Testament. In this commentary John Christopher Thomas and Frank Macchia make the brilliant but challenging text of Revelation more accessible and easier to understand. In addition to their literary and exegetical analysis of the text, Thomas and Macchia offer sustained theological essays on the book's most significant themes and issues, accenting especially the underappreciated place of the Holy Spirit in the theology of Revelation. Uniquely, Thomas and Macchia work to locate and help readers better understand the original audiences to whom Revelation was written by examining its storyline and its connection to the broader Johannine community.

Context And Contextuality by Vyacheslav Tsvirinko

The Kingdom Of This World
Author: Vyacheslav Tsvirinko
Publisher: Langham Publishing
ISBN: 178368397X
Size: 30.16 MB
Page: 610
Release: 2018-01-31

Book Description
Since 1988, hundreds of thousands of evangelical Christians have migrated to the United States of America from former Soviet Union countries, establishing many Russian-speaking immigrant congregations across the country. This study analyzes how these immigrant churches function in their new cultural, social, and religious context. Dr Vyacheslav Tsvirinko, a Russian who lived in the USA for over twenty-five years, examines the holism, authenticity and contextuality of the mission work done by churches in the Pacific Coast Slavic Baptist Association (PCSBA) in America. He defines authentic mission in light of three major Christian groups – the World Council of Churches, the Lausanne Movement, and Anabaptists – and uncovers startling insights on how PCSBA churches engage in mission, both back in their homeland and in the USA. The findings and conclusions of this work are invaluable to diasporic Christian communities who wish to address their authenticity in the way they do mission, both internationally and in their local context, creating a path to more fruitful gospel and kingdom work.

Church Doctrine Volume 5 by Paul C. McGlasson

The Kingdom Of This World
Author: Paul C. McGlasson
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1620326981
Size: 53.22 MB
Page: 198
Release: 2018-07-02

Book Description
The present volume is the fifth in a five-volume study of church doctrine. The multivolume set covers the major parts of church doctrine: Canon, God, Creation, Reconciliation, and Redemption. The first volume begins with an introduction to the entire project on why doctrine matters, which stresses the ecumenical, global, and above all biblical horizons of church doctrine as a primary expression of Christian witness. The purpose of this fifth volume is to explicate the full reality of God’s redeeming love for the whole creation. In the doctrine of redemption, the church looks forward in hope. Through the gift of the Spirit at Pentecost the church is gathered out of all nations and peoples of the earth, and looks forward to the coming day of final redemption for the whole cosmos. Yet even now, the promise of God’s coming is active in the world, rendering the church into a new humanity, establishing a new society, calling every individual to a new life of joy in discipleship. Church doctrine is not a luxury, but a necessity for the living community of faith, by which its witness in word and deed is tested against the one true measure of Christ the risen Lord.