The Revelation Code Wilde Chase 11 by Andy McDermott

The Revelation Code
Author: Andy McDermott
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0755380797
Size: 28.10 MB
Page: 528
Release: 2015-11-30

Book Description
The brilliant new Wilde/Chase novel from bestseller Andy McDermott - in their eleventh adventure Nina and Eddie must go on a desperate search to find the truth behind the Book of Revelation, as they try to deal with the most momentous change to their lives to date - Nina's pregnancy... For fans of Cussler, Mariani and Rollins, the Daily Express says McDermott's novels 'explode off the page'. 2002 - Southern Iraq A CIA covert operation in the desert uncovers ancient ruins concealing a humanoid statue, with six wings and the face of a lion. Team member Ezekiel Cross is convinced that it represents one of four angels prophesied in the Book of Revelation, and when the agents are attacked by Iraqi forces, leaving Cross the only survivor, he steals it to begin his own mission from God ... Present Day - New York Depressed following the death of a friend, Nina Wilde has been focusing her energies on her pregnancy, rather than the archaeological discoveries for which she is renowned. But adventure still finds her - when she's kidnapped by religious cultists intending to force her to locate the remaining angels! Held prisoner in a strange village, Nina engages in a battle of wits against her captors, knowing her only hope of rescue is for her husband Eddie Chase to find the other statues first. But with a ruthless maniac determined to fulfil Revelation's prophecy, time is running out. Only by keeping the angels out of the cultists' hands can Nina and Eddie prevent the coming apocalypse ... but what price will they have to pay?

The Revelation Code by Robert Burgess

The Revelation Code
Author: Robert Burgess
Publisher: Trafford
ISBN: 9781553955207
Size: 67.73 MB
Page: 236
Release: 2003

Book Description
The Revelation Code is a precise decryption of the encrypted works of the Apostle John and the Prophet Daniel. It is not an interpretation. Information was deliberately withheld from public view until 'The End Times' and amongst this is a list of prime characters as well as a dictionary of terms and phrases. There were two virgin births, not one. There are two Son's of God, not one. Satan is not the Devil, there's one who is far worse. The Planetary Prince is not Satan, The Revelation Code tells us the he's 'Faithful and True' and Jesus is not the Ancient of Days. We are told a tale of courage, service, dedication and sacrifice culminating in the classic show down between good and evil wherein the Universal Regent leads a small group of loyalists against the entirity of a corrupted universe. This battle begins from, and is centered, on The Earth.

The Revelation Code by Damiaan Kletter

The Revelation Code
Author: Damiaan Kletter
Publisher: First Edition Design Pub.
ISBN: 1622874161
Size: 12.65 MB
Page: 220
Release: 2013-11-14

Book Description
The Book of Revelation is more than a cryptic story about beasts, dragons, kings, and angels. Author Damiaan Kletter deftly and powerfully connects the dots and explains, on a spiritual and physical level, the players, their power plays, and timetables--and how they can affect you. Record-breaking natural disasters and world events come into focus on a timeline through 2020. 28 charts/diagrams.

The Book Of Revelation Code by Andrew Greszczyszyn

The Revelation Code
Author: Andrew Greszczyszyn
ISBN: 9781492283379
Size: 20.90 MB
Page: 240
Release: 2013-08-29

Book Description
Not a 2012 End of Time Prophecy.What then is the real truth behind the Book of Revelations? Many people both Christian and non-Christians alike have talked about what is revealed in the Book of Revelations. Some say it is an End of Times prophecy, others it is merely a dream or child's bedtime story. In the second edition, The Book of Revelation Code, Dr. Greszczyszyn displaces any mystery and reveals the only truth behind what Johns' revelation and Book of Revelations truly means. More than another spiritual interpretation, higher than some New Age Thought, the revelations shared within The Book of Revelation Code is drastically the needed information to understand why this book was included within the Holy Bible. Simple enough that a child could read, with ideas so powerful and advanced that mystics, first century through present-time disciples of Christianity, theologists and spiritualists all can understand the truth behind what Satan is, why Satan was incorrectly given the number 666, how so many people are mistaken about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and what Fire, Brimstone and Second Death truly describe. More than a book, The Book of Revelation Code is a masterpiece in religious and spiritual truth, highlighting why Dr. Greszczyszyn has become such a force of spiritual genius.

Revelation S Puzzle Of A Thousand Words by Damiaan Kletter

The Revelation Code
Author: Damiaan Kletter
Publisher: First Edition Design Pub.
ISBN: 162287420X
Size: 44.97 MB
Page: 72
Release: 2013-10-04

Book Description
Companion guide to author Damiaan Kletter's groundbreaking book "The Revelation Code." Offers a deeper look at how he decoded the Book of Revelation and its 1,000+ distinct words--key to unlocking the cryptic prophecies and their relation to current world events. Includes tables and diagrams. The perfect next step for those who want to verify the process and explore Revelation's hidden messages.

The Revelation Code by K. S. Johnson

The Revelation Code
Author: K. S. Johnson
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781496182531
Size: 28.60 MB
Page: 310
Release: 2014-03-12

Book Description
Something is wrong. Mercy has been removed. People scramble desperately to escape what has become the scourge of final destruction. Tribulation has arrived, and the wrath of God is pouring out just as was prophesied in the final book of the New Testament: Revelation. This action-packed adventure novel takes the reader through what it might be like to live during the Great Tribulation and the end of human history. From the plagues of the seals, trumpets and bowls to the two witnesses to Antichrist, rapture, the millennial reign and the lake of fire, The Revelation Code portrays a fictional but possible series of events. The story centers on a group of archaeologists working a dig near Jerusalem. That group discovers a commentary that explains the Revelation manuscript. The commentary is imagined to be contained in two scrolls written by St John the Apostle shortly before his death. After an antiquities dealer's unscrupulous attempts to steal the scrolls they are secured by the archaeologists and serve to function as the guide to the actual unfolding of Tribulation events.

Atlantis Code by A.G. Riddle

The Revelation Code
Author: A.G. Riddle
Publisher: Newton Compton Editori
ISBN: 8854183520
Size: 68.37 MB
Page: 320
Release: 2015-08-06

Book Description
The Revelation Saga Tradotto in 20 paesi Oltre 1 milione di copie negli Stati Uniti Un grande thriller Nord del Marocco: la dottoressa Kate Warner è convinta di essere riuscita a scongiurare un’epidemia planetaria ed è pronta a usare anche su di sé la terapia che ha somministrato agli altri malati. Ma si sbaglia. Così come si è sbagliata sulla cospirazione di Atlantide: l’umanità, infatti, deve ancora affrontare un nemico inimmaginabile. Con pochissimo tempo a disposizione per l’intera razza umana, Kate troverà in un messaggio cifrato un potenziale aiuto. Osservatorio di Arecibo, Puerto Rico: Mary Caldwell ha aspettato per tutta la vita un segnale da un’intelligenza superiore proveniente dalla galassia. E quando quel giorno sembra finalmente giunto, si ritrova davanti a un dilemma vecchio quanto il mondo: a chi dovrà credere? Ai suoi simili o ai nuovi arrivati? Antartide: mentre la Peste di Atlantide si sta diffondendo, anche Dorian Sloane è in guai seri. Ares, il suo nemico, ha appena scatenato un cataclisma in grado di distruggere la Terra. Stavolta per Kate Warner e David Vale – già protagonisti dei primi due episodi della Revelation Saga – sembra non esserci più alcuna via di scampo... Oltre 1 milione di copie negli Stati Uniti Il virus più letale della storia Indecifrabili segnali dallo spazio Un mistero sepolto nei secoli Cosa nasconde il codice Atlantis? «Un grande finale per una grande trilogia.» «Trama affascinante e idea molto intrigante. Anche questo terzo capitolo è davvero piacevole.» «Un libro che conferma quanto visto nei primi due. Grazie al talento di Riddle, non vi annoierete mai a leggerlo.» «Grazie per l’intera serie!» «Una sorpresa dietro l’altra. Molto avvincente.» A.G. RiddleCresciuto in Nord Carolina, da giovane ha fondato la sua prima società con gli amici d’infanzia. Dopo aver lavorato dieci anni in alcune aziende on line, negli ultimi tempi si è dedicato esclusivamente alla sua vera passione: scrivere romanzi. Attualmente vive a Parkland, in Florida. Dopo Atlantis Genesi e Atlantis Secret, Atlantis Code è il terzo volume della serie The Revelation Saga, i cui diritti cinematografici sono stati acquistati dalla CBS.

Cracking The Apocalypse Code by Gâerard Bodson

The Revelation Code
Author: Gâerard Bodson
ISBN: 9780760768709
Size: 72.27 MB
Page: 300
Release: 2000

Book Description
Prsents the results of a study conducted by two theologians, a computer expert, a semiologist, and a historian, who used the numerical correspondences of the Hebrew alphabet as a key to deciphering what they believe to be encrypted messages in the Book of Revelation.

Breaking The Code by Bruce Manning Metzger

The Revelation Code
Author: Bruce Manning Metzger
ISBN: 9780687089994
Size: 51.47 MB
Page: 143
Release: 1999

Book Description
Biblical scholar Bruce Metzger presents the fruits of solid scholarship in a non-academic style to help readers understand the puzzling--sometimes frightening--Book of Revelation. He focuses on the comfort and beauty to be found in the book.

The Mysterious Numerical Bible Code And Other Revelations by Lawrence D. Shawbrooks

The Revelation Code
Author: Lawrence D. Shawbrooks
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1524631329
Size: 18.64 MB
Page: 664
Release: 2016-06-01

Book Description
The Hebrew-Christian religion remains the most potent verifiably truthful religion on the planet. It suffers horrendously from murderous oppression in the Middle East, its homeland; and was crushed-flat by the largest political State the world has ever known (Soviet Russia); and it endures heavy disheartenment by flawed innuendo and secularisation throughout Europe. Despite these massive attacks from mistaken religion, hard-line atheists, and dont know-cant be bothered groups yet it remains. And more than this: It remains, philosophically, socially, prophetically, and scientifically the largest, most credible and consistent belief-system on the planet. Its not by accident that non-violent Christianity (believing in the non-violent Ten Commandments and the beautiful spirit of them in the Beatitudes), can survive such intense mentalphysical violent persecution and still remain so vibrant. True Christians know: The only reason it is so, is because the holy Messiah God of Israel is the only true God. He rules over all the kingdoms of men, but its only the kingdom of Christianity which knows this. He loves all humans (but not their thoughtsactions). However only Christians recognise this and sincerely give thanks that He is their God, their prophet, priest and king. He prophesied that enormous ungodliness would come against His church, and followers but these gates of hell would not overcome it, and so it is now, as we head towards Armageddon and the end of the human age. This book explains His prophecies, and associated key milestone calculations. This is one of many ways, witnessing that He is the genuine-unique-article, just as the Hebrew-Christian Bible says. The purpose of our existence is to have a loving relationship with Him. When humans choose to reject Him it causes us to create corrupt and false gods. Without realising it, many religious people worship corrupt gods, and atheism worships its false no-God god. These cannot bring a person into the paradise of fruitful everlasting life their ways effectively bring people into a fruitless everlasting living-death. This grieves the Messiah God of Israel because He loves fruitful life. To encourage us and to verify who He is He leaves indicators throughout history, evidencing even now, in these days of the deeply sceptical cheating spirit that humans are without excuse, come the judgement. Lawrence D. Shawbrooks is now retired but continues to work as an Elder in the Church oversight.

The Secret Code Of Revelation by Daniel R. Condron

The Revelation Code
Author: Daniel R. Condron
Publisher: SOM Publishing
ISBN: 9780944386378
Size: 33.65 MB
Page: 420
Release: 2006

Book Description
The real meaning of the Book of Revelation, considered by some to be prophetic is revealed through a study of the images, the picture language much like hieroglyphics and mythology. In depth study of the meaning of Revelation's pictures provides insight into humanity's destiny as well as where we have come from as spiritual beings. Explore the relationship of symbolism, kundalini, the chakras and sacred geometry in this in extraordinary study of this ancient holy work.